Slide Sledge

Product Listing

Razr Hoof Nippers
12” and 14” Handle options; replaceable hardened tool steel blades.
Price: $300.00 / pair

Razr Blades
Hardened D-2 tool steel blades; hand finished
Price: $75.00 / pair

Rocker Rail Horse Shoes: Professional KIT
*Rocker Rail shoes x 2 pair
*Side Clips  x 2 pair
*Wedge plates x 2 of each size
*drill bits and taps needed for customization
*aluminum grinding disk for Makita
*custom case

Price: $750.00 / kit

Rocker Rail Horseshoes
Custom aluminum alloy casted shoes; superb longevity…6 months in most cases.
Price: $175.00 / pair

Rocker Rail side Clips
Firm; Bendable; Durable plates for lateral and medial wall adhesive application. 
Price: $15.00 / pair

Rocker Rail Wedge plates
¼” and ½” removable wedge plates; durable (typical lifespan of 4 months)
Price: $50.00 / pair